Friday, 25 May 2012

Coconut and passion fruit slice

The motive for this recipe?......well I just wanted to try my new passion fruit liqueur, so I married up the idea with a coconut milk "jelly" and a biscuit base. And now I have my very own recipe. I used dessert rings, triangles, squares(on the picture is a half square with my new spoon-I fell in love with this spoon in Brugge). Why I used so many forms...well I only have one of each form but it made the display of cakes more appealing.

Coconut and passion fruit slice

For the base
5-6 digestive biscuits
2 tbs unsalted butter

For the coconut jelly
250ml coconut milk
10g gelatine
80gr desiccated coconut
30-40gr white chocolate

For the passion fruit top
3 passion fruit
150ml  Passoá (passion fruit liqeur)
50ml water
5g gelatine

In order to create your biscuit base crush your biscuits (I promptly using the end of my rolling pin for this) to crumbles and mix it with the melted butter.When it is fully incorporated (if not all the biscuits crumbs "wet" from the butter, and some little more), press tightly it into a dessert ring. It is advisable to use a completely flat tray or sheet to put the rings on, as if the sheet dented the coconut milk maybe later on leek out.
Put it into the fridge to harden for at least 30 minutes.

In the meantime put the coconut milk into a heavy based pan and sprinkle over the gelatine. Leave it to absorb for ten minutes, then under a medium heat, heat it up until it is thoroughly mixed while stirring. Take off from the heat, add the dessicated coconut and the white chocolate. Depending on how sweet you like your dessert, you can put in more white chocolate but for me 30g was enough. When the liquid cooled down to room temperature pour it on top of the biscuit base and put it back to the fridge to harden.

When the coconut jelly is solid,  divide the passion fruit seeds evenly on top of them. 
Pour the liqueur and the water into a pan and dissolve the gelatine in similar way as above. When the passion fruit jelly is room temperature pour on top of the seeds, then put the desserts back into the fridge.
After 30 minutes it is ready to serve.

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