Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mango shots

While experimenting with more exotic fruits and tastes, I created these little beauties. I bought 6 1dl glasses for £2.99 in TK Max and tested them straight after arriving home.

Mango shots

Ingredients for 6 1ld glasses:

1 Mango
0.5-1dl Passoá (passion fruit liqueur)
250 ml double cream
4 tbs icing sugar 
1 tbs Amaretto (Almond liqueur)
1 dl coconut milk
1 tbs dream topping

Quite easy to prepare,  will take about 20 minutes with cleaning:)
Peel the mango. 3/4 of the mango needs to be puréed(use food processor or hand blender), the other 1/4 will be the decoration on the top. For the decoration cut the mango into little squares.

Add the Passoá liqueur to the purée, depending on your taste adjust the amount. When the dessert will be cold you won't feel that much the alcohol so set it as just over the kick when it is room temperature. 

Whip the double cream until stiff peaks with the dream topping, then add the coconut milk, Amaretto liqueur and the icing sugar and mix it again. As usual, I would suggest to taste it. Somebody likes it really sweet, somebody likes it not so sweet so adjust the sugar if you need to.

Put the cream into a piping bag (avoid to make mess with the spoon on the side of the glasses when you try to fill it, believe me, I tried it and it didn't work.....use a piping bag)
Start layering the cream and mango purée. Start and finish with a cream layer. Put the chopped mango squares on top and chill  for at least 30minutes or more.

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